Millworks decking fixings are perfect for the long term durability and performance of your decking. Either face fix or hidden fixings are an option, both making an attractive way to finish your project.

Decking Screws

Trim Head Decking Screws

  • Trim head provides a neat, professional finish
  • #1 Sqaure drive for improved driving torque
  • Coarse thread along 2/3 of the shank
  • Draws timber tighter the joist
  • Type 17 point for a faster straighter start


  • Exterior Decking
  • Length. 64mm
  • 305 Grade Stainless Steel
  • 126 or 630 per Box
  • £47 per Box
Decking fasteners

EB-TY Hidden Decking Fastening System

The EB-TY provides a unique method of fastening deck boards that makes the fasteners virtually invisible. Fastening is done into the side of the board, leaving a fastener-free deck surface.

The EB-TY is a polypropylene biscuit fastener that fits into a slot the builder cuts into the edge of the deck boards with a standard biscuit joiner. The EB-TY fasteners are inserted and fastened with a screw driven into the joist.

  • Easy to install – all fastening is done from the top side
  • No screw heads in the deck make resurfac