Specifying the correct fixings is critical to the service life of timber cladding. Millworks stock a range of quality fixings that are recommended for use on our cladding products.

Cladding Nails

Annular Ring Shank Nail

  • Annular ring shank nail, suitable for exterior timber cladding
  • Diamond pattern head blends with timber texture, diffracts sunlight and accepts surface finishes
  • Annular ring thread resists nail popping and cupping of cladding boards
  • Slender gauge and diamond point prevents splitting
  • Can be driven flush or counter-sunk without crushing the surrounding timber


  • Exterior Timber Cladding
  • Length. 50.8mm
  • 305 Grade Stainless Steel
  • 1225 per Box
  • £49 per Box

Cladding nail gun nails

31–34° Paper Tape, Clipped Head, Ring-Shank Nail

  • Smooth head
  • Annular ring-shank increases withdrawal resistance to provide a secure attachment
  • Choose Type 316 stainless steel for seaside applications and superior corrosion resistance

Suitable for nail guns:

Bosch® SN350-34C
Bostitch® F33PT
DeWalt® D51825, D51822
Grip-Rite® GRTFC83 (up to 3 1⁄4″), GRTCH350
Hitachi® NR83AA3 (up to 3 1⁄4″), NR90ADPR, NR90GC2
Makita® AN943
Max® SN883CH/34 (up to 3 1⁄4″), SN890CH/34
Paslode® PF350S, CF325 (up to 3 1⁄4″), F350S, 900420 (up to 3 1⁄4″)
Porter Cable® FC350A
Ridgid® R350CHA
Senco® SN901XP (up to 3 1⁄4″), SN951XP, GT90CH, FramePro601, FramePro701XP


  • Exterior Timber Cladding
  • Length. 50mm
  • 305 Grade Stainless Steel
  • 1000 per box
  • £39 per Box
Cladding screws

Trim Head Cladding Screw

  • Superior screw for penetrating the hardest timber
  • T15 6 lobe drive prevents the screw from stripping
  • Unique ‘box’ thread allows fast and easy installation, reducing torque
  • Superior corrosion resistance (marine grade 316)


  • Exterior Timber Cladding
  • Length. 50mm
  • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • 350 per Box
  • T-15 6 Lobe Drive Included
  • £44 per Box