Millworks factory coated timber is designed for long lasting quality, exceptional finish and outstanding performance.


Millworks offers in-house advanced factory coating systems in collaboration with industry leaders, Teknos.

After extensive research and development, Millworks state of the art finishing line produces flawless results for any project. Environmentally friendly water based coatings, in a wide range of RAL colours, are applied under controlled factory conditions. This gives exceptional performance of durability and stability ensuring cladding is protected from UV-light, rain, humidity, cold and heat.

By utilising Millworks off-site purpose built factory painting line, the risk of weather variations, time frames and application rates can be eliminated. We offer set lead times, premium finishing and up front costs.

  • Flawless finish applied under controlled factory conditions.

  • Wide range of water based RAL colours from market leaders, Tecknos.

  • Coating on all 4 sides for increased durability and stability.

  • Consistent coating for improved UV protection and longer maintenance programme.

  • Guaranteed up-front cost, no additional on-site labour required.