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Thuja plicata

Western Red Cedar Cladding from Millworks is attractive, sustainable and has exceptional performance. Slow grown in The Pacific North West of Canada and sourced from leading sawmills. Architects, builders and home owners can depend on Mill Works’ expertise to supply Western Red Cedar for a range of building projects.

  • £24 per m2 for sawn profiles

  • Grade: No 2 Clear & Better
  • Grade: No 4 Clear
  • Widths. 100mm or 150mm
  • PEFC certified
  • Density: 390kg / m³

Immacualte Look

Western Red Cedar comes in a variety of charming colours, ranging from cream, dark chocolate-brown to salmon pink. Cedar creates a clean look; suiting projects from traditional, to contemporary architecture.

Thermal Efficiency

At approximately 390kg per m3, Western Red Cedar has a low density. This lightness makes it a great thermal insulator, making it easy to handle and to work with.


Western Red Cedar has a long, maintenance free service life, due to naturally occurring compounds called Thujaplicins and water-soluble phenolics that act as preservatives. Western Red Cedar is BSEN350:2 Class 2.


Cedar is very dimensionally stable, due to its low density and low shrinkage factor. As a result, it resists warping, twisting and checking.


  • No 2 Clear & Better

This grade of Cedar is of the finest quality and has a limited amount of knots. This results in a consistent, near flawless look.

As classified by the Export R List 401.

  • No 4 Clear

This grade allows larger and a higher amount of knots, whilst still showcasing Cedars charming look at a great price.

As classified by the Export R List 401a.

  • No 2 Clear & Better (15% No 4)

This great value combination of grades allows the most attractive pieces to be most prominently placed.

MW Select Grade

Fire Retardant for Timber

FRX Exterior fire retardant can be applied to Western Red Cedar cladding when specified, to comply with national Building Regulations where Euroclass B or C are required. Applied under controlled conditions in a vacuum pressure timber impregnation plant. The treatment complies with ISO accreditation, which does not compromise critical properties such as strength, durability, corrosivity and hygroscopicity.

Alternatively, HR-Prof can be applied on site, a fire retardant that complies with Euroclass B or C for spread of flame, offering a quicker and sometimes more economical option.

Weathering or Finishing

In the correct conditions, Western Red Cedar will weather to a silver-grey, if left untreated.
Although naturally durable, Cedar can be finished for protection against the elements. This will keep it looking consistent on all elevations of your project. Millworks can advise on different options for protecting your timber.

OSMO UV-Protection will prevent Western Red Cedar from weathering. Or, OrganoWood can be applied to accelerate the weathering process, resulting in a consistent silver-grey on all elevations.


Stainless-steel cladding fixings should be used because natural oils in the timber have a corrosive effect on ferrous metals.

Trim Boards

Available sizes planed all round (mm)

19 x 43
19 x 93
19 x 143