Polo Farm

Factory coated Larch cladding

Set amongst the expansive Cambridge Fens kept company by Polo ponies and acres of Polo pitches lies this timber clad farm house. Built by Inti Construction Ltd using a SIPS construction method, Siberian Larch cladding factory coated with Organowood creating a consistent silver/grey façade.

Planed all round, supplied in set lengths with a fine-sawn face. Spaced with 10mm shadow-gaps, sitting on a black Tyvek UV wrap to give definition to the appearance.

The Grade A, kiln dried Siberian Larch finished to a 118mm width has been factory coated under controlled conditions to apply the correct amount of Organowood to speed up the weathering, creating a consistent, uniformed appearance to all elevations.

  • Grade A (Unsorted)
  • Width. 20x118mm

  • Length. 4m/5.7m

  • Profile. PAR + Fine-Sawn

  • FSC certified
  • Factory coated with Organowood